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Volvo L90 H

The loader is a highly detailed scale model with accurate features exactly as the real machine. Note the high-end work on the inside of the wheels and the authentic mesh of the engine bonnet, just to mention few details.

Features of the model:
• Replicated loader
• Articulating front steering system
• Detailed interior that features operator chair, controls and steering wheel
• Accurately designed engine housing
• Openable engine bonnet with painted details
• Rear view mirrors
• Replicated exhaust and intake in photo etch mesh
• Rubber tires
Article number
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Model weight: 162g
Model size (LxWxH): 140x50x65 mm
Singel package size : 250x110x120 mm
Single package weight: 332g
Total package qty: 6
Total package weight: 2,361kg
EAN no: 7332502229690